Noil Spun Silk Yarn

Manufactured by Carding & OE system, our Silk Noil Yarns are smooth as opposed to yarn manufactured using the condenser system. Heavy yarns or coarse yarns of count range from 0.2'NM to 4'NM and 20'NM and 30'NM are made available with us.

They can be used for ribs in the fabrics, for corduroy effects, or for wall coverings in AC rooms. These yarns can be manufactured in different texture and sheen. By products of spun silk, virgin silk waste, or combed sliver tops are used to manufacture.

Available in:
2NM, 4NM, 7NM, 15NM, 20NM, 30NM, 40NM



4nm Noil Spun Silk
4nm Carded Spun Silk
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